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November 3rd, 2016 

Hello Masaki Suda fans!

After a year or so that I've been following him and liking him, I decided to start up a twitter account that is dedicated to him. This twitter account will cover all his tweets (@sudaofficial) and tweets related to him (current dramas and movies). It will also cover any information, as long as I can dig up the original article. Not only that, I'm also planning to sub his short videos if I have the time, and either post DL links or upload them as unlisted videos onto Youtube.

I'm hoping that you all will support me in my endeavour as well as my love for him!
You may follow the account on twitter @suda_world or go to the link here: twitter.com/suda_world!

Mods, if this is unacceptable, please feel free to delete!

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